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SajaGulf General Trading Company was established in January 2012, the Company soon grew from a promising business enterprise to the favored supplier of affordable and excellent quality medical products to the Kuwait market. Thanks to our unique business philosophy and amazing customers’ support, today, SajaGulf General Trading Company stands tall as the leading supplier chain of international-quality healthcare products in Kuwait.

SajaGulf General Trading Company is built on certain values and core principles that make us much more than a business concern. A socially committed and responsible team of professionals, we fully realize the importance of having to deliver the very best of products so that our customers would stand to benefit from it.

The reason why we are the preferred partner of many major Government and private hospitals, clinics, and pharmacies across Middle East, is no secret. It is the result of our honest approach and transparent deals, with no compromise whatsoever in quality and services.

Director's Message

It has been a long and successful journey for our group in conducting business in Kuwait. This success was realized through the strong commitment to deliver the quality products supported by the exceptional customer service and sustainable relation with our principals.

This is a noteworthy time for our group, since we are celebrating the 40th anniversary of our group foundation and the beginning of new chapter in that history with the establishment of Saja Gulf General Trading Company.

The Saja Gulf General Trading Company. is well placed to take significant role in the improvement of Kuwait healthcare system, with its focus on leveraging its success factors including the professional team, market and business expertise, the solid infrastructure, and most important the delivery of advanced cutting-edge medical technologies and supplies.

We value our relation with our principals and we provide them with the support needed to establish a market for their portfolios, launch their brand, and grow their business in Kuwait.

Our people are at the absolute heart of what we do. They are the corner stone in our business, and their knowledge and imagination are behind the amazing things we do and deliver with passion and care to ensure high level of customer retention and satisfaction.

Looking to the future, we will continue to grow and strengthen our business through addressing the unmet needs of healthcare community, widening our network of relations with multinationals, and investing in the development of our people.


Our Services

Medical Equipments

Hospital Furniture and Rapid Diagnostic

Medical and Surgical Instruments

Hospital Consumables and Sundries

Installation, Service & Application training

Our Vision

To be reputable regionally and globally as the prime supplier of medical equipment, Rapid diagnostics, General medical Supplies and health care products.

Our Mission

To uplift and maintain the health care system through providing quality medical equipment and supplies to the medical fraternity and health care partners at affordable costs and provide professional service supports